Meet Our Team


Chief Commercial Officer

Based in Australia, I work closely with the team on Flat Planet’s marketing efforts. Happy to have a chat anytime about how things are going with your On Demand team and if you would like to know more about how you can access the benefits of outsourcing roles to Flat Planet.


Business Development Manager

I work closely with clients to help them explore new ideas and opportunities to grow their business using high performance talent in South East Asia. I bring a unique perspective to help facilitate great technology plus teamwork between AU and PH, maximise the value that Flat Planet has to offer Australian businesses, by leveraging our specialist On-Demand marketing capabilities.


Head of On Demand Marketing Team

Based in Brisbane, I’m your dedicated point of contact. I coordinate with our team of marketing professionals in Manila to make sure your project is delivered on time and to your expectations. With a background in B2B marketing and several small businesses of my own, I understand marketing challenges! My goal is to help you GROW your business… cost-effectively

Mhisha Cuyson

Marketing Operations Specialist

Jeff Cabanero

Digital Marketing Specialist

RB Muyano

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jay Paras

Graphic Designer

Berna Gutierrez

Multimedia Designer

Lora Albais

Data Profiler

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